You can have Unlimited Website Pages with an Unlimited Menu Bar. You can therefore have Unlimited content with text, tables, and images.

All this can be created and managed with our easy to use online tool. You get a Website + eCommerce Store with Unlimited EVERYTHING.

This ALL for only R1800 per year, which includes your eShop, Website, Email, Hosting, and Storage.


While you may think this is a GREAT DEAL we also included an Unlimited Photo Gallery + a Calendar function (should you need one).

Also included is FREE regular updates and features. So your entire eCommerce site and Website will always be of the best quality and features.

Everything made so easy some of our clients use the 13-year-old children to run and manage their Online Stores.


As you can see from this page, we used 2 Blocks at the top with content and one wide box at the bottom with even more content. YOU can do all this with our Online Tool. The design features are unlimited and only YOU decide how beautiful your Website and Online Store will be.

All this, plus your OWN money account where all Online Deals goes into, for just R1800 per year. Well Sir, if you can get better "unlimited" go for it. We can however promise you that we aren't like the rest, we are driven by the passion to beat lock-down constraints with clever and easy technology. We don't even share in profits, our only goal is to get your business online before your business is forced offline!